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Sidley Diamond Tool: Creating High-Quality, Custom Diamond Tooling since 1956

Custom Diamond Tooling since 1956: Garden City, MI | Sidley Diamond Tool Company  - about2Our team manufactures industrial diamond tools, diamond dressing rolls, PCD and CBN inserts and tools, single pass hones, and honing machines.

We’ve built our business on serving industries that are fueled by progressive change and innovation.

Sidley Diamond Tool Company is fully computerized with CAD, and our systems are compatible with nearly any computer via IGS files. This allows us to facilitate the accuracy and communication needed to maintain our standing as a top supplier in the industry.

Our customer base includes: automotive, farm implements, aerospace, job shops and many more related industries. We are known in our field for our technical excellence, reliability, cost-effective pricing and fast, on-time delivery.

Custom Diamond Tooling since 1956: Garden City, MI | Sidley Diamond Tool Company  - thing0

The Sidley Quality Program – Focused on Problem Prevention

Our quality assurance methods are second to none and designed to stop problems before they start, all while maintaining complete accuracy and consistency.

play_arrow This process is comprehensive and involves an extensive list of checkpoints:

  • Documented procedures
  • Internal audits
  • Gage calibration
  • FMEA’s
  • Statistical process control charts
  • Internal scrap and rework systems
  • Machine maintenance
  • Dock audits
  • Delivery tracking
  • A system for resolving customer problems through employee participation

In the production process, the Sidley Diamond Tool manufacturing department works in tandem with our engineers to ensure both high-quality standards and complete satisfaction. Using these methods, we are able to continuously improve our products and maintain our enviable reputation for exceptional quality.

To discover if Sidley Diamond Tooling Company is the ideal choice for improving the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing process, please contact us today to discuss your goals and receive a free quote.