Sidley Diamond Tool Company produces high-quality diamond dressing rolls for a wide variety of industries.

Diamond Dressing Tools in Michigan | Sidley Diamond Tool Company - CBN_Vit_Blend_2

The most common industries served include the automotive, aerospace, farm and off-road equipment, bearing, and tool and die industries, as well as a diverse range of related industries.

Diamond dressing tools manufactured with our advanced Sidley Super Dress technology can perform up to five times longer than conventional diamond tools.

Diamond Dressing Tools in Michigan | Sidley Diamond Tool Company - ssdprofileroll

Available in CVD, man-made and natural diamond, our blends are available for difficult dressing applications such as CBN Vit and Diamond Resin.  Our dressers are reworkable several times, in most cases.

These tools can be manufactured to physically duplicate your current tooling, and we can manufacture in virtually configuration. There is no need to adjust your current operating parameters! Just use our Diamond Dressing Rolls in place of your current tools and experience the many benefits.

Sidley Diamond Tool Company has been in business since 1956 and manufactures a wide variety of diamond products. To find out if a Sidley diamond dressing disc tool will improve your product and profits, contact us today to discuss your goals.