Sidley Diamond Tool Company hones produce round, straight and untapered holes in a single pass.

Honing Tools & Hones in Michigan | Sidley Diamond Tool Company - honing1Through the use of an expandable, cast-iron sleeve mounted over a hardened and ground-tapered arbor, coated with diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), our honing tools guarantee superior results.

Honing Tools & Hones in Michigan | Sidley Diamond Tool Company - honing4

For high-volume applications where there is mounting pressure to improve tight tolerances reliably, consistently and with increased efficiency, Sidley Diamond Tool Company offers customized honing systems designed specifically to match your unique needs.

Single-pass hones are the proven, state-of-the-art way to ensure maximum cylindricity (/O/= roundness + straightness + taper).

play_arrow Features of a Sidley honing tool include:

  • Sizes as low 1/4" and up to 7" in diameter
  • Finishes up to 10Ra
  • Fully adjustable
  • Diamond or CBN coatings
  • Coolant capability through spindles or coolant inducer
  • Diameter tolerances ± .000050"

Sidley reworks or replaces any manufacturer's tools, and single-pass hones can be equipped with straight or spiral flutes.

To find out if honing tools from Sidley Diamond Tool Company will improve your product and profits, contact us today to discuss your goals and receive a free quote.