Sidley Diamond Tool Company manufactures diamond-plated tools, as well as tools that feature a layer of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN).

Diamond Plated Tools - Garden City, MI | Sidley Diamond Tool Company - plated2Here at Sidley, we specialize in creating custom electroplated grinding wheels and diamond tooling for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, tool and die, bearing, agriculture and more.

Electro-plated CBN and diamond tools provide superior performance and a wide variety of advantages over traditional tooling, such as:

  • No bond clearing required
  • High wear resistance
  • High accuracy
  • Superior productivity
  • Bodies can be stripped and re-plated with new diamond or CBN

Sidley Diamond Tool Company has been in business since 1956 and manufactures a wide variety of diamond products. To find out if Sidley diamond or CBN plated tooling will improve your product and profits, contact us today to discuss your goals.